Aerosol of the future: Enabling dispensing of liquid FMCG products to emerging markets

PCR-Online-August-Aerosol-1OpenIX, the Open Innovation Platform of the Innovation Hub in Pretoria, is currently running a challenge in the chemicals and packaging technology FMCG industry on behalf of a large competitor that offers a range of FMCG products to higher LSM categories in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Triggering the developments

personal care_aerosols_web305x219There’s been a lot of progression within the aerosols industry of late, with recycling, sustainability, legal metrology and maintaining the highest standards of manufacturing excellence being some of the highlights.

Global deodorants market to reach US$12.6 billion by 2015

A comprehensive report on worldwide deodorant markets forecasts growth based on factors including novel product formats, technologically advanced products and rising demand for gender-specific products.

The world market for deodorants registered growth during the years 2008 and 2009, albeit at a slower rate than in previous years. With the recovery from the financial crisis in 2010, the market is projected to post healthy growth in the coming years driven by manufacturers increased focus on delivering technologically advanced products in various novel product formats. In addition, rising demand for gender-specific products is expected to enhance market prospects. Further, growing population, increasing awareness and rise in disposable incomes among consumers in developing regions including Asia-Pacific and Latin America would contribute to enhanced deodorant sales.

Sustainability breakthrough

ReAL Bottles Slugs by Ball CorporationBall Corporation has announced a breakthrough for the use of recycled aluminium in the manufacture of extruded aluminium packaging for aerosols.

The resulting new metal alloy exhibits increased strength and allows light weighting of the container without affecting package integrity. Ball’s technology breakthrough, announced in April, will allow the company to lightweight its extruded aluminium aerosol packaging by as much as 10 per cent, with further light weighting in the future.

Currently, almost all extruded aluminium aerosol packaging is made from virgin aluminium ‘slugs’. These metal disks are impact extruded to produce packaging for aerosol products ranging from body sprays, sun screens, air fresheners and numerous other markets. Ball, the world’s largest producer of aluminium slugs and of recyclable aluminium beverage cans, will use aluminium recycled from Ball’s global beverage can operations to produce the company’s new slugs.

Aerosol industry status quo

640px-Aerosol by Piccolo NamekIt’s been 85 years since the first patent was filed for an aerosol dispenser and today they are widely used around the world for both personal and household products.

Besides being incredibly versatile, safe and efficient, aerosol containers are fully sealed, enabling the contents to remain fresh for extended periods of time. In addition, all empty aerosol cans are completely recyclable.

Locally, more than 200 million aerosol products are used annually, and the South African Aerosol Manufacturers Association (AMA) expects that, as more people get to know of the benefits of aerosol dispensers, this number will continue to grow.

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