African Focus

Improved sanitation for urinals

P-Island, SA designed urinal sanitation product launchedA South African urinal sanitation product was recently launched at the International Cleaning and Hygiene Convention held in Warsaw, Poland.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing set to strengthen in Africa

Pharmaceutical manufacturing set to strengthen in AfricaMeeting the demand of Africa’s need for new drugs is gaining momentum this year, with the finalisation of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan for Africa (PMPA) and the inauguration of the Federation of African Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (FAPMA) – all focused on tackling the challenges in delivering adequate healthcare within the continent.

Doctors tackle lifestyle epidemics

iChange4Health launched by PharmaDynamicsIn attempt to stem the tide of chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, a nationwide programme will be rolled out later this year. GPs and other healthcare professionals (HCPs) will receive free training to help patients quit smoking and excessive drinking, improve their diets, and exercise more.

L'Oréal targets East Africa

International beauty giant L'Oréal announced on 15 April it acquired the Health & Beauty business of Interconsumer Products Limited (ICP) in Kenya from its founding shareholder. With a turnover of approximately €15 million (around R186 million) in 2012, ICP is a significant player on the Kenyan beauty market, with strong positions in the hair and skin care markets.

Private radiology practices driving investment of SA medical imaging market

Hospital revitalisation initiatives serve as a major driver for the demand of improved medical imaging equipment within the public healthcare sector, according to Frost & Sullivan, which works with companies to implement growth strategies.

The company said that growth of the market within the private sector is increasing in proportion to the rapidly emerging technology within the medical imaging space, as private healthcare end users seek to obtain a competitive advantage.

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