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Micronutrients form the foundation of health

Micronutrients-form-the-foundation-of-healthMicronutrients,more commonly known as vitamins and minerals, are substances vital for efficient physiological functions and optimum health. They’re required by the body only in small amounts, so they fall into the category of micronutrients.

These substances perform complementary functions and work in conjunction with each other, and should be obtained primarily from the food we eat. Nutritional deficiencies are, however, rife in the world today, leading to the necessity for many governments to pass legislation demanding that certain foods be fortified with appropriate vitamins and minerals. The situation has also led to a burgeoning global market in nutritional supplements, as people attempt to redress the imbalances that result from inadequate dietary factors.

TB Alliance and SA team up to improve TB treatment

TB-Alliance-and-SA-team-up-to-improve-TB-treatmentSouth Africa is a critical player in the fight against tuberculosis, performing a leading role in the development of innovative new tools to fight the pandemic.

Researchers and other South African thought leaders have been working with the TB Alliance by helping to lead the clinical research process that will advance the search for better, faster-acting and affordable drugs to treat both tuberculosis (TB) and multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB).

Demand for specialist healthcare drives hospital infrastructure development

The high burden of communicable diseases, and the increasing burden of non-communicable diseases in Nigeria, often necessitates specialist hospital care.

Although Nigeria has well-equipped tertiary facilities, these do not adequately meet the needs of the entire population, opening up lucrative market opportunities in the hospital construction market.

Naturex visit highlights value of local market

The importance of the South African, and also the African, market for Naturex was highlighted recently when two top executives spent a week in South Africa.

Naturex’s Maxime Angelucci, sales director (Europe, Asia and Africa), and Marc Ovide, Africa sales director, familiarised themselves with the local market and shared information on Naturex’s offerings.

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