Resveratrol alternative

Symrise-CS-Cosmetics-2011-Proven-to-prevent-long-term-skin-damage scale_xxlAs consumers become more and more sophisticated in their knowledge on skin care, their demands increase for visible, instant, long-lasting – though non-invasive – natural yet efficient anti-ageing solutions.

Dermal remodelling

Natural yet efficient, visible, instant and long-lasting anti-ageing solutions are the order of the day. More consumers are straying away from invasive, chemical solutions like BotoxEveryone wants healthy-looking skin, which, according to Millchem, is a result of a complex equilibrium of thousands of processes that protect, repair and respond to environmental exposure.

New claims and product developments in anti-ageing

seacreationBabor claims the ocean is home to incredible ‘miracles’, which the cosmetics house brings to consumers via SeaCreation, its new luxury skincare range. The active ‘sea-intelligent complex’ found in the range contains extracts of two micro-organisms – glycocéane GP3 and Babor thermophilus – as well as an exclusive extract of green caviar algae.

Silab regulates ‘inflammaging’ with new ingredient launch


Silab standLaunched at in-cosmetics 2014, Silab is presenting Unflamagyl, an anti-ageing active ingredient that controls communication between senescent cells and their environment.

Chemical developments to tackle the signs of ageing on the eye area

BeautifeyeAdvances in solutions to tackle the signs of ageing on the eye area are crucial, as it is one of the most important features of a person’s appearance. According to Croda - a world leader in natural based specialty chemicals – with age, changes in the eyelid appearance (including extra tissue and folds) convey an inappropriate message of sadness lethargy or exhaustion, which diminish the overall aesthetic appearance of the face.

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