Candelilla wax alternatives from KahlWax

Candelilla-wax-discsKahlWax, a leading specialist in natural waxes such as beeswax, carnauba and candelilla wax, has realised the need to develop favourable alternatives to candelilla wax. This is as a result of the poor yield of crude candelilla wax in 2014 due to very wet weather conditions in Mexico.

A rise in demand worldwide has also put additional pressure on the supply situation. Even though it is expected to normalise during 2016, many cosmetics producers now require alternatives with their need for broader sourcing offerings being greater than ever.

Considered the backbone of many stick formulations, candelilla wax (INCI: Euphorbia Cerifera Cera) has a melting point of 68 to 73°C and forms remarkably hard oleogels with very small crystals. It also provides high surface gloss and leads to shrinkage, which eases demoulding.

In response to this global requirement, KahlWax is offering three substitutes: its 6700, 6702, and 7304 variants. These products are all available locally from Savannah Fine Chemicals.

Ideal for vegan claims

Kahlwax 6700 (INCI: Copernicia Cerifera Cera, Helianthus Annuus Seed Cera, Polyethylene, C30–50 Alcohols, Montan Acid Wax, Shorea Robusta Resin, Hydrogenated Styrene/Ethyl Styrene/Indene Copolymer) is a vegan blend of carefully selected, high quality ingredients. These include carnauba wax, sunflower seed wax, and Shorea robusta resin.

Variant 6700 is said to be a one-to-one replacement and ideal for lip care applications. It also produces outstanding gloss and offers excellent oil-binding properties along with notable hardness.

When used in mascara, it forms flexible layers on lashes and is therefore an excellent volumiser. It also improves the adhesiveness of colour cosmetics, and stabilises and hardens stick preparations.

Kahlwax 6700 has a slightly higher melting point than pure candelilla wax, which further improves the temperature stability of formulations.

Additional alternatives

Kahlwax 6702 (INCI: Helianthus Annuus Seed Wax, Shorea Robusta Resin, Rhus Verniciflua Peel Cera) is the all-natural version of Kahlwax 6700. 

The third option, Kahlwax 7304 (INCI: Paraffin, Copernicia Cerifera Cera, Glycol Montanate, Shorea Robusta Resin), is a simplified more economic version of 6700.

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