Colour cosmetics

Innovation beyond decorative beauty

Radiant Orchid_is_the_colour_of_the_year_and_will_feature_in_various_colour_cosmetics_collectionsConsumers are putting increasing pressure on manufacturers of colour cosmetics as they demand more than just decorative beauty solutions. They want anti-ageing, UV protection, improved skin radiance and colour complexion all thrown into one product.


COSMOGEN - DOUBLE SCULPTThe DOUBLE SCULPT brush uses a double dome feature to highlight and sculpt the natural contours of the face in one easy sweep. Each dome can be customised with different fibre materials. The DOUBLE SCULPT brush is available in 3 shapes: Round, square, and oval, as a kabuki or onto a handle.

Plump up your lips


The Hannon Plumping Colour Lipgloss, now available from selected hair-and beauty salons, is the answer for those who prefer to stay clear of surgeons’ needles or who want to further plump their lips already enhanced with surgical fillers.

Stylenomics from essie

Stylenomics from_essie_-_latest_nail_colour_collectionThis season, leave nothing to chance. Consolidate your power with colour that heralds the return of the woman of substance. It’s no secret; women are major players in the economy, and what fashionable purse-strings they hold! Wise to the credit debacles of the past, they are playing it safe in spending and in style. Classic, statement dressing is the look of the moment, and serious silhouettes require a fabulous match of full-force colour.

Ready for take-off

Essence boardWhether you’re going on a last-minute trip in South Africa, travelling to far-away countries or even around the world, with the new essence trend edition ‘ready for boarding’, you can welcome that yearning desire to travel in September and October 2012. These practical little travel products simply have to go along, no matter how full your suitcase is. So go pack those bags, head through the security check and get ready for take-off!

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