A new era for Symrise Scent & Care

The Symrise team with customers photographed at Symrise’s South Africa offices in Isando, JohannesburgSymrise has launched a new story line for its fragrance division. This is part of its strategy to become a preferred and indispensable fragrance and ingredients partner to its customers around the world.

To share this exciting news with local industry, Symrise hosted two intimate events with select customers at its offices in Isando, Gauteng, and in Cape Town. The launch of the new story line – ‘better living through scent’ – coincided with the introduction of its new De Laire fine fragrance offering and Madagascar natural ingredients.

Tarek Anbar, Symrise’s regional sales director of fine fragrances for Africa, Middle East and Turkey joined the company’s South African team for the launches.

Pleasure with a purpose

‘Better living through scent’ is set to drive Symrise’s fragrance division into a new era. It highlights the rich heritage and unique cross-disciplinary collaboration at the global company along with its ability to create sensorial fragrances that enhance beauty benefits.

The new story line elevates the division to the next level of fragrance creation providing consumers with products that improve their beauty and wellbeing. Better living is also focused on improving the living conditions, income, health and education of Symrise’s partners throughout the supply chain.

Blending dreams with science

 five bases launched in Symrise’s new De Laire collectionBased on 220 years of fine fragrance heritage, the new De Laire bases are timeless, contemporary and recognised by perfumers and customers around the world. These iconic blends were first developed by the De Laire’s, who were visionary entrepreneurs and innovative scientists. They have been used to create some of the most emblematic fragrances that have shaped the perfumery world, including Bois des îles by Chanel (1929) and Femme Rochas by Rochas (1944).

Each of the new bases is a blend of high quality raw materials, fine natural oils and an exclusive captive. The new De Laire collection includes:

Ingredients with unique qualities

The sample kit for Symrise’s new De Laire collectionThe new Madagascar Naturals portfolio from Symrise is focused on backward integration where people, nature and education benefit. On this beautiful island, the company has so far commercialised three unique natural ingredients with finest and most exquisite scents. These include Queen Vanilla, Grand Cru Ginger, and Golden Cinnamon.

Symrise initiated a unique and active sourcing model in Madagascar a few years ago which now forms part of the company’s multi-facetted sustainability strategy. Through long-term partnerships whereby products are bought directly from farmers, Symrise could secure and guarantee long-term supply, maximum traceability and the best yield. In turn the farmers are ensured an income to pay their children’s school fees, and they receive training among other benefits.

The Madagascar Naturals portfolio is set to grow in the next few months with the introduction of four new naturals: Vetiver, Pink Pepper Leaf and Berry, and Red Citronella. The following seven Vitessences will also be added to the portfolio: Coffee Flower, Hazunta Modesta, Datura Flower, Champaka, Frangipani, Tukoarina and Vanilla Speciale. 

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