Fragrances and botanicals from Bell inspired by Mother Nature

The Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA marketing concept for natural male grooming fragrances and ingredientsPositioned right in the middle of the Fragrance Zone at in-cosmetics Global 2018 in Amsterdam, Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA is presenting innovative concepts with ingredients for all kinds of personal care products.

The Germany-based company, represented by Fourchem in South Africa, is showcasing fragrances and botanical extracts that are either fully natural or based on treasures from Mother Nature.

The almost endless variety of natural ingredients has motivated the perfumers and application technologists of Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA to create extraordinary fragrances and botanical extracts for natural and conventional personal care products. The company hopes to inspire cosmetics manufacturers with compositions for skin, hair and body care that take you back to nature.

Regional and exotic 2018/19 fragrance trends

This year’s fragrance trends issued by Bell refer to regional landscapes and exotic destinations. Consumers with a balanced, healthy lifestyle will fall in love with fragrances that take them on a journey to Northern European landscapes or remind them of a fine cup of tea. Consumers with an interest in exotic ingredients will be keen on unconventional Asian citrus fruits.

In addition to its synthetic range, Bell’s perfumers have developed completely natural fragrances that ideally match innovative natural cosmetics.

The evolution of super foods and super grains

Super grains are full of power for health and beauty. This subtype of the currently very trendy super foods category stands for precious nutrients, naturalness and balance.

Bell’s botanical experts have developed five new extracts from ancient whole grains and millet. These are perfect add-ons for nourishing hair care, creams and lotions as well as moisturising shower gels. The fragrances interpret grains like spelt, teff and sorghum in a ‘perfumistic’ way.

Fragrances for male grooming

Trees generally symbolise strength, stability and vitality – attributes that fit well with products for men.

Bell offers fragrances for male grooming inspired by classic trees like oak, maple, birch and chestnut. The concept includes accompanying botanical extracts recommended in combination with each fragrance.

More concepts on show

The Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA marketing concept for natural extracts developed from ancient grainsBell is also showcasing a selection of concepts for personal care applications. Inspired by fascinating Arctic landscapes that remind consumers of purity, freshness and unspoilt nature, botanical blends such as Polar Lights and Arctic Blue perfectly complement skin care products. With that, Bell continues the current trend towards the Scandinavian lifestyle, including Hygge and Lagom.

For absolute naturalness, Bell’s perfumers have developed vegetable-like fragrances suitable for completely natural personal care products. At the Bell stand, cosmetics manufacturers can smell extraordinary compositions like Tomato & Sage, Parsley & Spinach or Pumpkin & Pink Pepper.

To complete the spectrum of applications for personal care, Bell has launched new flavour creations for oral care. Classic minty-fresh creations satisfy traditional flavour preferences

whereas innovative combinations like Matcha & Peach or Green Tea & Jasmine target more adventurous, nature-loving consumers seeking new ways to get fresh breath.

Natural becomes mainstream

Particularly in Germany, natural and organic cosmetics have gained high importance in the beauty and personal care industry. All over Europe, beauty and personal care products with a natural positioning are loved by consumers. According to Mintel GNPD, 55 percent of new product launches on the European personal care market (skin care, hair care, soap and bath products) claim to be somewhat or fully natural or plant-based. Moreover, GlobalData states that the megatrend ‘Vitality & Balance’ is still in the growth phase in the personal care industry.

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