Achieve long lasting fragrance with The Innovation Company

The Innovation Company’s marketing campaign for Tenue de ParfumTenue de Parfum from The Innovation Company is a new concept that provides long lasting fragrance on the skin and hair for up to three hours.

Imagine elegance, freshness, shimmer and texture… then imagine an exclusive sensory experience unique to your brand. Think long-lasting fragrance, silky soft skin, cashmere touch and endless colour. Combine these concepts with a focus on personalised or individual experiences and you’ll get Tenue de Parfum – the ultimate fragrance innovation available in South Africa from Fourchem.

Tenue de Parfum is based on a polysaccharide structure, which allows hours of fragrance diffusion. Skin diffusion is established using an infra red test method and can be incorporated in all types of formulations for hair and skin care applications.

Launched to industry

The Innovation Company introduced Tenue de Parfum to market at in-cosmetics Global, inviting expo attendees to live the future in fragrance, now. The company showcased Tenue de Parfum in a series of in vivo tested formulations, which included:

Backed by test data

The Innovation Company’s in vivo testing method confirms a unique 210 minutes of fragrance diffusion. This is in comparison to seven minutes with the classic hydro-alcoholic base. ‘Our base is resistant to all types of fragrance compounds including aldehydes.’

Several physics co-factors come into play for slowing the olfactive release and presence, which permits long lasting fragrance compared to the usual flash effect of alcohol-based fragrances.

Tenue de Parfum brings a new sensory experience to fragrance. Shimmering Creastar pearls and The Innovation Company’s new haute couture textile fibres can be incorporated in the formulation for unique textures and skin feel. The textile fibres include linen, jersey and silk. It also give perfumers the tools to create a multi-sensory, visual fragrance that ‘performs with innovative and unique technology’.

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