Symrise presents at World Perfumery Congress

World Perfumery CongressSymrise invites delegates to experience a journey of fragrances at the international World Perfumery Congress (WPC) from 5 to 7 June 2018 at the Palais des Congrès in Nice, France. The Fine Fragrances, Aroma Molecules and Cosmetic Ingredients divisions will be presenting their innovations for perfumery and Beauty Care there together. At stand 1126, the Symrise team will be presenting visitors with new De Laire bases and natural ingredients from the Amazon and Madagascar as well as a range of modern formulas for the cosmetics industry.

Achim Daub, president Scent & Care Worldwide at Symrise, is opening the conference that accompanies the WPC on Wednesday, 6 June and introducing Eric Korman from Phlur. The company is pursuing a modern approach to developing and marketing perfumes. Symrise has acquired an interest in the company and will forge new paths with Phlur in the field of fragrance creations.

In addition, Ricardo Omori, senior vice president Global Fine Fragrance, is speaking on June 6 (4:05 to 4:50 p.m.) at the fragrance panel ‘Future Proofing the Industry’. He will talk about the key changes that are laying the foundation for perfumery in the next decade. Together with other industry experts, he will discuss the current challenges facing the perfume market.

Perfumers present in Nice

At the Master Perfumer Session on June 7, 2018; (11:00 to 11:45 a.m.), Dave Apel, senior perfumer at Symrise, and Emilie Copperman, master perfumer at Symrise, are jointly presenting with Mathieu Chévara, art director & co-publisher of Nez, a magazine about fine fragrances and their journeys into the world of perfumery. From this magazine, a book was created featuring twelve locations and fragrances from Symrise perfumers from all over the world. The company is presenting the book and fragrances for the first time at the WPC.

Symrise offers the foundation for green scents

Symrise is also presenting Symroxane, a unique fragrance ingredient from the Symrise Aroma Molecules range, for the first time in Nice. ‘It is a very multifaceted molecule that suits every scent and gives each one a unique note,’ says Dr. Marcus Eh, director global marketing Aroma Molecules at Symrise. Symroxane demonstrates its strengths in the areas of luxury perfumes and Beauty Care in particular.

Symroxane lends fragrances an elegant and vibrant note and increases the caring effect for Beauty Care products. In addition, it emphasizes vetiver and red fruit notes, adds spice and plays with the various grapefruit facets. Customers and consumers are increasingly demanding that renewable raw materials are used. Symrise meets this request and uses a renewable raw material for the production of Symroxane, thus making sustainable and green fragrance creation possible

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