Envirocore makes a difference

Co-owners of Envirocore cares about a circular economy

Envirocore is passionate about sustainability, particularly when it comes to packaging. It offers a variety of composites suitable for the pharma and cosmetics industries. Its tissue composite is perfect for consumers owing to its recyclability and shelf-appeal. It is also ideal as an advertising medium for pharma companies.

Mother and daughter, Green and Margaret Krishnasamy are the co-owners of Envirocore.

‘Sustainable packaging has become more significant over the years and we have always maintained the importance of producing packs that assist in sparing waste sent to landfill,’ says Green.

Previously a small business, it outgrew its former premises, relocated to a larger property and tripled its production capacity. The company had a unit specifically built for the collection and recycling of composite cans and paperboard.

Together, Green and Krishnasamy commenced with the purpose of recycling, refurbishing and supplying postal tubes and cores to brand owners and manufacturers.

They soon realised there was a gap in the South African packaging market for reusable upmarket composite packs. This led to the establishment of the company’s composite division.

The move to new premises in Boksburg East took place earlier this year. Envirocore purchased a larger property adjacent to its former premises for the construction of offices, a staff kitchen and canteen, ablution facilities and two factories. The one factory is focused on composite manufacturing, while the other is completely dedicated to gathering and recycling composite boards.

The construction took a year to complete and a few new machines were installed.

‘We now have the speed and flexibility needed to process orders quickly and efficiently,’ says Krishnasamy.

Green is thrilled with the custom designed facility. ‘We have the capacity to offer existing and potential clients a unique South African experience in finding the perfect locally produced, well priced composite pack.’

What’s in it for you?

A powder composite fitted with a powder dispenser and beautiful perfume composites designed as one or two piece packs are just some of the unique offerings from Envirocore. Packs for hair extensions and protein shakes and the diffuser and gift packs are fully recyclable.

A newer addition to the Envirocore stable is a stimulating puzzle on composite cans, which serves the purpose of housing a product and can be used as a toy to stimulate childrens’ minds.

The popularity of composites has grown over the past years owing to their on shelf appeal, recyclability and reusable properties.

‘Recycling is a priority for us,’ Green explains, ‘as is corporate social responsibility and contributing to achieving a circular economy.’

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