Safeguard your profits with MGSA Projects’ filling equipment

The MSP 560 stick packaging machine with stick packsMGSA Consulting has changed its name to MGSA Projects. Myles Davis, director of the company says the name change follows his business partner’s decision to emigrate.

‘After much discussion, it was agreed it would be simpler to change the company’s name,’ he explains. Davis remains the director and is now the only shareholder.

‘I am excited about this development as there will be a more efficient, streamlined and personal service provided.’ 

MGSA Projects will continue to represent Marchesini, Dumek, Vibrotec, Easysnap and Seavision. While the company is known in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, it will also serve other segments.

According to Davis, considering the nature of medicinal products, it is important to ensure packaging methods are faultless. Marchesini has upgraded a few of its filling machines for improved, accurately filled pharmaceuticals and diverse product handling.

The MSP 560 from the Italian equipment manufacturer is a vertical intermittent motion stick packaging machine for nutraceutical and pharmacological products. The company showcased a version of this technology last year at Interpack. This year’s upgraded version was on show at Achema in June. The machine was equipped with a volumetric batching unit for granular products. 

Davis says the machine was redesigned for easy release from the working position.

‘This is to simplify batch size changes and easily disassemble parts to clean and sanitise them, especially those in direct contact with products.’

Its manoeuvring devices allow the operator to move batches to a suitable position. The volumetric batching unit is connected to the base machine by quick-release couplings. This enables quick disconnection of the mechanical, electrical and pneumatic systems for cleaning and to facilitate functional requirements during production.

Davis says the system is built into a structure that supports the star valve and relevant loading hopper to facilitate extraordinary maintenance, if necessary. Its production speed depends on the number of lanes and types of products to be batched.

Refined hardware

The upgraded MSP 560 comprises an improved dust removal system and a new horizontal straight cutting unit. There are additional improvements, which were made to the machine’s paper centring, reel unwinding and feeding control software logic.
The machine has been set up with a paper feeding path prearranged to accommodate various printers. This includes an optional laser numbering device for printing variable data. It can be installed on an independent trolley with the possibility to simultaneously perform the ‘easy open’ pre-cut on the reel. There is also an optional position for OCR+OCV print control.

These optional functions result in a more efficient, easy to clean solution that meets GMP requirements. The MSP 560 is versatile owing to the possibility to interchange powder batching units with liquid batching ones.

‘The machine is unique because it can be connected to a motion pick and place system. This places products directly into the buckets of a conveyor belt or synchro-dynamic transfer unit. All these features make the MSP 560 an ideal solution for packaging granular products into stick packs,’ Davis explains.

Fill bottles with ease

The ML 661 is a linear monobloc machine for filling and capping vials. It’s cantilevered, balcony type layout assists with improved compliance with cGMP requirements, especially where laminar flow is a requirement.

The machine has robotised movements, which are achieved through brushless motors and controlled by a PC. There is an electronically controlled filling system, positive displacement pumps made of stainless steel, mechanical ceramic valves and a rotary piston that incorporates valve functionality. The system’s capping turrets have six or eight heads. The ML 661 can be used for all types of press-on caps, aluminium seals, pilfer proof closures, screw caps or spray pumps.

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