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Women make it big in the cosmetics industry

Mirjana-BrlečićLiving in a male dominated world is something women have had to cope with since the dawn of time. One industry that has seen women turn this notion on its head is the beauty industry. The turn of the 20th century saw, the likes of Helena Rubenstein and Florence Nightingale Graham (Elizabeth Arden) dominate the beauty and cosmetics industry and later on Estee Lauder. Since then many more females have used their entrepreneurial spirit to leverage their beauty businesses to new heights.

The third degree on ISW’s 360° label coverage

ISW creates products that outshine all others and ensure clients’ products stand outPrinter and converter of shrink sleeves and flexible packaging, Innovation Shrink and Wrap is pushing boundaries in the decorative finishes it provides. Packaging Review looks at what makes this company a one-stop shrink sleeve and label design shop.

Uniprint Labels’ better protection for trendsetting designs

The HP Indigo 20000 offers a variety of brand protection methodsAnti-counterfeiting measures are necessary due to the high value of cosmetics and the safety and health risks associated with counterfeit pharmaceuticals or cosmetics.

New survey from PRC and Nielsen to provide data on 5 000 brands

Nielsen-surveyNielsen will release consumer panel data this month fused with 2017 PAMS data. This is an enhanced survey that will provide industry with rich information on 200 consumer goods categories and more than 5 000 brands.

Two prominent packaging companies merge

Novio Packaging Group has joined forces with Scandinavian PackagingNovio Packaging Group has joined forces with Scandinavian Packaging to create Novio Scandinavia, effective since 1 June.

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