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Leveraging the power of BRIC and beyond

The white paper ‘Reaching the emerging middle classes beyond BRIC’ outlines opportunities to expand in emerging economies beyond BRIC countries.As PHARMACEUTICAL & COSMETIC review focuses on developing opportunities on the African continent in its May print edition, it is also worth exploring the prospects that not only major emerging world economies hold, but also those that other lesser-known developing markets contain.

A tote for every occasion

PCR Online_TEC_tote_1There is another way to palletise and depalletise plastic bottles. TEC Engineering de Mexico presents its TEC Tote Storage System, an innovative solution for bulk handling of plastic bottles, at Propak East Africa 2014.

Designers to play major role in recyclability of packaging

PCR-Online-Page-for-UploadDespite a challenging economic climate, cheap plastic packaging imports and expensive manufacturing operational costs, the South African plastics recycling industry has managed to achieve impressive growth in all areas in the last year.

Low growth but stable outlook for SA pharma in 2014

Paul Anley_CEO_of_Pharma_Dynamics_expects_the_South_African_generic_medicines_industry_to_grow_by_10_per_cent_in_2014South Africa’s favourable demographics, its large potential market size and plans for a national health insurance will continue to attract pharmaceutical investment in the medium to long-term, despite the ongoing depreciation of the local currency and deteriorating macro-economic environment.

Two IPASA members resign

Novo Nordisk_has_its_corporate_headquarters_in_Bagsvrd_DenmarkNovo Nordisk and Roche South Africa have resigned as members of the Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry Association SA (IPASA).

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