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Mondi prioritises climate change mitigation

Peter-OswaldThe global packaging and paper group, Mondi, has adopted 2050 science-based targets to limit the rise in global temperature to under two degrees Celsius.

The Marchesini Group acquires a percentage of Vibrotech

Pietro Cassani is the CEO of the Marchesini GroupThe Marchesini Group recently acquired 40 percent of the Tuscan manufacturer, Vibrotech, which is based in Bientina (Pisa). Vibrotech makes infeed and positioning systems for automated industrial processes. It started up in 2005 as a spin-off of technicians with 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields. It has been a consolidated business partner of the Group for years. The take-over of a minority share will not however change Vibrotech’s commercial organisation. It will continue to work directly with the marketplace and with other packaging machinery companies. This transaction will also allow Vibrotech and Marchesini to strengthen their businesses as regards the opportunities deriving from the ‘Revolution 4.0’.

Special rotary lobe pumps meet even the strictest legal requirements

Tornado T2 NetzschEuropean commercial and industrial companies must comply with strict regulations regarding manufacturing, pump systems, and more, in order to ensure the protection of users and the environment. One of the pump market leaders in this area, Netzsch Pumpen & Systeme, designs and manufactures all its systems to ensure that they meet all applicable regulations, and can meet individual requirements at client request. At the start of 2014 a major chemical producer was supplied with a T.Proc rotary lobe pump specially designed to convey corrosive fatty acid, and is both ATEX-compliant and complies with TA Luft air quality specifications.

Keys to boost investment and competitiveness in the pharmaceutical sector

Savros-NicolaouAt the recent Pharmaceutical sector-specific forum convened by Proudly SA, Aspen senior executive for strategic trade development, Stavros Nicolaou, identified a number of key levers to grow the local pharmaceutical industry.

The quest to become a one stop shop

Representatives from Rotolabel and S&N Labels along with the GM of BartransThe labels division of Bidvest Data Print and Packaging, Rotolabel, recently acquired two new companies, S&N Labels andBartrans. The acquisition was finalised in September 2017. Wicus Maritz, chief executive at Rotolabel discusses motivations behind the purchase.

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