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Department of Health joins forces with HPA

hpa logoThe South African Department of Health (DoH) has elected the Health Products Association of Southern Africa (HPA) as its chosen organisation with which to communicate on all matters relating to Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAMS). This comes after indicating that it would prefer to communicate with one central body rather than individual companies.

Major pharma company delists from JSE

Cipla India has completed a 100 per cent buyout of the South-African based Cipla Medpro valued at approximately R5 billion, underlining the former’s commitment to expanding its presence on the African continent.

New appointments at Adcock Ingram

Doreen KosiAdcock Ingram recently restructured its management profile with two new additions to the leadership team: Werner van Rensberg appointed as the new chief operations officer, and Doreen Kosi as government relations executive.

A worldwide format for tablet compression

Tablet-compression-toolingAccording to Dale Natoli of the Natoli Engineering Company, after hundreds of years of pharmaceutical manufacturing, there is no reason to maintain two tablet compression tooling standards.

Edging out the competition

The Art_of_Pricing_in_the_Pharmaceutical_IndustryIn a world full of smart cards, smart phones, smart money and smart drugs, management consulting firm Infosys Lodestone asks, what happened to smart pricing?

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