BASF welcomes EU approval of nano-sized UV filter in cosmetics

BASF-logoBASF welcomes the official entry of Methylene Bis-Benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol (MBBT) as a nano-sized UV filter into Annex VI of the EU Cosmetic Regulation. MBBT is an ingredient of the BASF product Tinosorb M. ‘We are the largest supplier of safe-to-use, high-performance UV filters that help to protect the skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation such as sunburn, premature appearance of wrinkles and – with frequent intensive exposure – an increased risk of skin cancer.

Introducing JRS PHARMA’s Povidone Family product line

Different types of medicines in tablet and capsule formatJRS PHARMA has announced the worldwide release of the Povidone Family product line, the latest addition to its excipients portfolio. This product line consists of three offerings:

Achieve gentle yet effective cleansing with Evonik’s RHEANCE One

The marketing campaign used by Evonik to launch RHEANCE One at in-cosmeticsWith the introduction of RHEANCE One, the first ever glycolipids product, Evonik opens up a new frontier in all-natural cosmetics raw materials that offer gentle and effective skin and hair cleansing. Glycolipids are a compound of sugar and fatty acids, prevalent throughout nature.

Looking for the world’s essences

Actismart-LipotecAfter years of prioritising technology above all else, nature is still the best source of medicines, food and even cosmetic ingredients. Looking back, ancient civilizations used different parts of plants as remedies to face diseases, to provide wellbeing to body and mind and to highlight individual beauty.

Chemyunion introduces new products for skin and hair health

A photo of Chemyunion’s stand at the in-cosmetics exhibition Chemyunion has launched a variety of functional ingredients and actives at in-cosmetics Global 2018. The company focused on a broad range of consumer groups and market demands, from male grooming and hair care to far-reaching solutions for preservation and emulsion stability.

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