BRB completes its gum blend portfolio for personal care

A generic image of three test tubes, each filled with coloured liquidBRB Silicones has launched BRB 1934- a high viscosity gum blend of dimethiconol gum in cyclopentasiloxane. This product family of gum blends, consisting of high viscosity gums diluted in a volatile carrier, is already well established in the global personal care industry.

Introducing JuvenEye CLR for dark under-eye circles

A natural active ingredient in liquid form, in a glass containerCLR has launched a new cosmetics active, JuvenEye CLR (INCI: Hieracium Pilosella (Hawkweed) Extract, Bellis Perennis (Daisy) Flower Extract).

Scratching the science of itching

Instant Anti-itchWhen Symrise first launched SymMollient W/S in 2007, the hydrophilic emollient was positioned to improve skin’s suppleness by restoring its lipid content (refatting effect). Its efficacy was proven in a series of in vitro and in vivo studies, confirming its anti-dehydrating effect and that it improves skin’s tolerance of surfactants

The skin care elixir of life

PCR-June-Ingredients-Savannah-Figure-5Historical references point to shiitake’s powerful anti-ageing benefits. Emperors of China would eat vast amounts of this mushroom to keep themselves young. Scientific studies have shown that shiitake is rich in antioxidant compounds, which help reduce levels of reactive oxygen species and DNA, preventing protein and lipid damage, contributing to reduced cellular apoptosis and increased cell viability.

Optiphi innovates with time controlled diffusion technology

Optiphi’s Formula Plus sticker on product packaging indicates the retinol-based products that have been updated with the new retinol innovationOptiphi is striving to remain at the forefront of skin care technology. The local professional skin care brand has developed a revolutionary active ingredient innovation that is driven by its R&D team.

The new time controlled diffusion technology has been designed to improve and prolong the quality of carefully selected active ingredients used in Optiphi’s skin care formulations.

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