Lubrizol and Lipotec join forces at in-cosmetics

Lubrizol and Lipotec exhibiting on one stand at in-cosmeticsLubrizol and Lipotec are showcasing a diverse portfolio of solutions at in-cosmetics Global. For the first time, Lubrizol’s functional ingredients and Lipotec’s active ingredients are featured together, on one stand, at in-cosmetics.

In South Africa, Lipotec’s local agent is Savannah Fine Chemicals while Lubrizol is represented by Carst & Walker.

New products and concepts

Lubrizol and Lipotec are promoting three new concepts for beauty and personal care applications:

  1. Expect the Unexpected, which engages millennials by satisfying their multiple demands. This concepts includes seven fun and appealing formulations to take care of this generation’s hair and skin care needs. I loved the Sprayable Cleansing Gel for Hair and Body. This on-the-go product looks like a gel but sprays easily and conveniently onto the skin. It has the cleaning efficacy of soap and is ideal for travel because it can be used on the hair, face and entire body.
  2. A Good Start is focussed entirely on healthy hair, as a result of having a healthy scalp. The five formulations in this concept promise to improve the health of the scalp and hair by moisturising and nourishing the scalp and improving the look and feel of the hair. The Oil Pearls Elixir for Scalp is really interesting – it has high oil content but is non-greasy on application. This oil-based, silicone free serum is ideal for damaged hair and a sensitive scalp. The combination of olive and argan oils nourish the scalp and smooth hair without a greasy after feel.
  3. Wash Forward is inspired by indie brands, which are among the fastest growing brands on the market. The formulations in this concept combine unique textures and mild ingredients to offer consumers a fresh perspective on cleansing. With the water crisis in the Western Cape, the On-the-Go Micellar Body Cleanser is highly relevant. This rinse-free, non-greasy, non-sticky micellar formula removes sweat and dirt from the skin without using water. It is ideal for any consumer looking to reduce their water consumption.

Actives and functional ingredients

Lubrizol and Lipotec exhibiting on one stand at in-cosmeticsBoth companies have also launched a series of actives and functional ingredients.

Fixate Keratin from Lubrizol is a thermal activated hair treatment, for professional use, using nonformaldehyde and nonglyoxylic chemistry.

Fensebiome Peptide from Lipotec is a new active developed to strengthen skin, particularly during exposure to urban environments. This heptapeptide helps reinforce the skin’s microbial and physical barrier function, preventing dehydration, which is a key concern of sensitive skin.

Lipotec has also launched Lumicease blue ingredient. Obtained using biotechnology, this ingredient activates opsins on the skin and promotes adaptive responses to prepare the skin for future exposure to light. It also protects and repairs the skin from solar and artificial blue light induced damage.

Both the Fensebiome Peptide and Lumicease blue ingredient are available in South Africa from Savannah Fine Chemicals.

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