Achieve gentle yet effective cleansing with Evonik’s RHEANCE One

The marketing campaign used by Evonik to launch RHEANCE One at in-cosmeticsWith the introduction of RHEANCE One, the first ever glycolipids product, Evonik opens up a new frontier in all-natural cosmetics raw materials that offer gentle and effective skin and hair cleansing. Glycolipids are a compound of sugar and fatty acids, prevalent throughout nature.

‘Naturalness and sustainability are very popular among consumers. Cosmetics manufacturers are looking to develop products that meet this growing consumer requirement. With RHEANCE One, we now have a new cleansing substance in our portfolio, which is 100 percent based on renewable raw materials and manufactured using a fermentation process,’ explains Dr Tammo Boinowitz, head of Evonik’s Personal Care Business Line.

Sustainable, renewable and effective

This innovation developed by Evonik enables the production of glycolipids completely based on natural plant sugars, avoiding the use of tropical oils. It was awarded Gold in the Best Functional Ingredient category at the 2018 in-cosmetics Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards.

‘RHEANCE One is a unique combination of naturalness and high performance,’ says Boinowitz. In skin, hair and oral care products, RHEANCE One ensures effective yet gentle cleansing – and is ideally suited for even the most demanding skin types.

The glycolipids generate a dense, creamy foam and have a pleasant, natural skin feel. They are able to solubilise fragrances and essential oils with remarkable efficiency. RHEANCE One is also fully biodegradable and offers extremely good environmental compatibility.

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