Sirona Biochem receives skin lightening patent for SGLT2 inhibitor

Patents are granted to protect the intellectual property of innovative organisationsSirona Biochem is pleased to announce that its patent entitled Family of aryl, heteroaryl, o-aryl and o-heteroaryl carbasugars has been granted by the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (composed of 19 African countries) and the patent office of South Africa.  The patent is also in the process of being granted by the European Patent Office and the patent office of Singapore. The process is proceeding without any known obstacles in the final regions.

Harnessing historic science

vitanolSilab, which is represented in South Africa by Meganede, turned its attention to one of the world’s most researched skin care ingredients, retinol, to launch Vitanol at in-cosmetics. According to Silab, the use of retinol in skin care products has often shown problems related to instability and skin irritation. In response to these challenges, Vitanol, the company’s Retinol-like ingredient, is said to be both stable and safe.

Clariant launches new Plantasens serums

Clariant plantasens2Plantasens serums are ready-made lipidic blends highly concentrated with nutrients for healthy-looking skin. The all-natural moisturisers are packed with vitamins A, D and E, essential fatty acids, antioxidants (phytosterols) and olive unsaponifables.

Skin-identical solutions

Imagery from in vivo testing confirms the benefits of Seppic’s Ceramosides HP in anti-ageing formulations. Image courtesy of Seppic.At in-cosmetics Barcelona, Seppic, represented in South Africa by CJP Chemicals, launched Ceramosides HP, which forms part of the company’s ongoing efforts to meet manufacturers’ needs for natural ingredients in anti-ageing formulations.

Bringing quality raw materials to market

Bringing quality_raw_materials_to_marketFlexibility and a thorough understanding of local needs backed by international expertise are critical in emerging economies. In South Africa, businesses such as those specialising in the complex art of producing tablets, ultimately lead to the development of a successful economy.

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