Johnson & Johnson commits to chemical-free products

One of the world’s largest producers of personal care products, Johnson & Johnson recently pledged to remove various chemicals from its baby products.

Safeguarding cosmetics

Safeguarding cosmeticsTo control microbial growth and to stabilise any cosmetic product, some form of preservative needs to be used. Parabens are the most common preservatives, although they have become one of the most controversial topics in beauty. Fact remains, they are essential to preserving formulations.

Rising to the occasion in supplements

The Yesto-Sel range of dried yeast products contain a certified quantity of seleniumThe natural, rich goodness of dried yeast is becoming more accessible to supplement manufacturers with new ingredients from Naturex. The Yesto-Sel range of dried yeast products contain a certified quantity of selenium in a form suitable for incorporating in supplements.

Yeast is one of the most concentrated natural sources of protein, vitamins and minerals essential to health. It’s a rich source of water-soluble B vitamins; it typically contains 12 minerals, all of which are needed by the body in trace amounts as key constituents of metabolism; and nearly half the dry weight of yeast is in the form of high-grade protein that contains all the essential amino acids.

Ayurvedic formulations from Lipo

Ayurvedic formulations from Lipo - Vedaplex rangeThe Vedaplex products, offered exclusively by Lipo, are a high purity line of botanicals based on the traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda. Ayurveda teaches that nature holds the answer for maintaining balance and harmony of mind, life, body and spirit. This unique line provides endless opportunities to treat and prevent skin disorders. The specific blends capture the time honoured recipes of Ayurveda and work to improve the skin's overall function, balance and vitality.

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