Mondi’s fully recyclable flexible pouch

The new pouch’s pioneering design overcomes many shortcomings of the recycling processMondi, in collaboration with Werner & Mertz, will introduce a new, patented 100 percent recyclable pouch with detachable decorative panels in 2019. This comes after almost four years of development. The pouch will replace conventional flexible packaging for Frosch, a home care brand sold in the US and UK. 

Givaudan Active Beauty introduces EVE

Givaudan-EveActive Beauty took their digital strategy one step further by creating EVE, a new disruptive application for New Product Development (NPD). EVE’s intelligent matrix was conceived to rapidly identify the perfect match between a product brief and Givaudan Active Beauty’s exhaustive range of active cosmetic ingredients.

Oxy’s new look campaign boosts self-confidence

Oxy-campaignIn its quest to remain at the cutting edge of a competitive market, Oxy skin care has recently moved away from its Superhero concept to a cleaner fresher look with a new key message, ‘Be Confident’.

Smart Media and Dis-Chem champion Youth Month initiatives

Smart-media-campaignIn-store advertising innovators Smart Media are working with Dis-Chem Pharmacies to drive awareness for two CSI campaigns, FOR YOUth and Million Comforts. Building on the theme of Youth Month that took place in June in South Africa, these campaigns are focused on benefitting critically important demographics of the country.

Dove launches ‘No digital distortion’ mark

Dove-deodorantBeginning in July 2018, Dove is taking another step in ensuring beauty is a source of confidence and not anxiety with the launch of a 'No digital distortion mark'. The Mark will roll out across all branded content globally beginning in July with deodorant campaigns leading the initiative. By 2 January 2019, the mark will be incorporated into all static imagery showcasing women, across print, digital and social and will represent that the image is not distorted. Dove will be held accountable to only show accurate and genuine portrayals of people, showing them how they are in real life. The ambition of the Mark is to help women and girls navigate the media landscape letting them know that the image they see has not been digitally distorted to fit the ideals of what beauty is and isn't.

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