Ten tips for storing labels effectively

Pyrotec PackMedia offers ten tips for storing and handling labels effectively.Storing labels in ideal conditions and handling them correctly allow the shelf life of these packaging components to be extended to at least 12 months from the day of receipt. Pyrotec PackMedia rounds up ten tips for storing and handling labels effectively.

These tips not only focus on prolonging shelf life, but also provide guidance on how to reduce damage in order to decrease the risk of breakdowns when these label rolls move onto production lines. The advice pertains to both blank and printed labels, as well as booklet-labels.

How to store and handle labels

  1. On receipt, handle the label rolls with care, do not drop them.
  2. Never store labels directly on the floor, rather place the packets or rolls onto a raised surface such as pallets or shelves. These should have solid wood surfaces or be covered with smooth cardboard.
  3. Do not cut the outer plastic wrapper with a sharp object. This can damage the edges of the backing paper.
  4. Self-adhesive labels should be stored in their original packaging.
  5. Always keep labels away from direct sunlight at a constant temperature of between 15°C and 25°C, at 50 to 55 percent RH.
  6. Be sure to store rolls of labels on the flat sides of the roll, as storing them on the circumference could put pressure on the label face and elongate the inner core.
  7. Have a sound rodent and pest control policy in place to avoid rats and other vermin from chewing the edges of the labels.
  8. Do not store rolls of labels higher than 500mm and place thin cardboard between rolls.
  9. Avoid scoring the edges of label rolls and keep away from moisture, as weaknesses in the backing paper will cause web breakages on the production line.
  10. Always pick up rolls of labels by hand and avoid using a hard or sharp object such as a screwdriver or forklift truck, as these can cause damage to the edges of the backing paper.

Pyrotec PackMedia is committed to providing its clients with solutions that help to save costs, reduce waste and increase operational efficiencies. For more information, tips and advice, get in touch with the company here.

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