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Waste disposal shortcuts add to environmental challenges

Mismanaged landfills and dumps present a number of risksUnlike many developed countries that operate within a regenerative system referred to as a circular economy, South Africa only recycles 10 percent of its waste. Due to several factors, our country still employs a predominantly linear or ‘take-make-dispose’ approach. Considering that most waste is destined for landfills, the promotion of responsible disposal practices remains crucial for environmental sustainability.

New campaign takes a stand against marine plastic pollution

The campaign was inspired by Blue Planet II.Plastics|SA has released a series of new radio and television adverts addressing the issue of plastic litter in marine environments.

Firmenich recognised as world leader for environmental management

Water-stock-imageFor the fourth consecutive year, Firmenich is pleased to announce its ranking on CDP’s Supplier Climate A List, among the top two per cent of corporations participating in the program. Adding to its “A List” for Water, this recognition confirms Firmenich’s position as a world leader for its actions and strategies in response to climate change, water security and deforestation.

Bioglitter launched to combat global pollution

Nail polish brands can now be eco-friendly thanks to the new BioglitterUK-based glitter manufacturer, Ronald Britton has designed a revolutionary product to tackle the problem of plastic pollution caused by glitter. The new eco-friendly Bioglitter is said to degrade naturally in the environment.

Sisley’s Ecological Compound achieves ‘icon’ status

Sisley Ecological CompoundSisley’s product formulas have withstood decades without aging one bit. This is why some of the products launched in Sisley’s early years are still among the brand’s best.

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