Symrise again certified as a “Green Company”

Symrise-green-companyDQS CFS GmbH, the German Association for Sustainability, has again certified Symrise as a “Green Company.” In explaining its decision, the association stated that the fragrance and flavoring manufacturer satisfied the international requirements of the Global Conformance Program to the utmost. Symrise is therefore allowed to use the “Green Company” label over the next three years.

DQS recognises companies that actively and demonstrably minimise the negative effects of their economic activities on the environment as “Green Companies”. The audit focuses on the companies’ management systems, which are used to promote greater environmental friendliness in individual business units and reduce potential environmental risks. At Symrise, the audit involved the research and development unit as well as production and distribution of all of the company’s ingredients.

Environmental protection along the value chain

Symrise has been focusing its business strategy on sustainability for several years and has set itself high environmental standards. ‘We are delighted that the independent auditors at DQS have once again recognized this commitment,’ says Hans Holger Gliewe, CSO of Symrise. The company is constantly pursuing environmental protection and resource conservation along the entire value chain to reduce negative environmental impacts. Cost reduction and increasing efficiency are closely linked to environmental management at Symrise, notes Gliewe. ‘The acknowledgment of our improved environmental performance since the last audit is additional encouragement to continue on the path we have taken.’

Greater consumer safety with the Seal of Quality

DQS awarded the “Green Company” label to Symrise for the first time in 2013 as it already met the international requirements of the Global Conformance Program back then. DQS CFS GmbH now handles all certification services related to sustainability and consumer safety within the international DQS Group. This year, it assumed certification duties. The comprehensive assessment spectrum, which involves around 50 standards and legal requirements, covers all the essential sustainability and safety requirements that are currently applied along the entire value chain.

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