Sisley’s Ecological Compound achieves ‘icon’ status

Sisley Ecological CompoundSisley’s product formulas have withstood decades without aging one bit. This is why some of the products launched in Sisley’s early years are still among the brand’s best.

Ecological Compound remained a prominent bestseller for the brand for 37 years, gaining a cult following worldwide with both men and women.

Its high quality performing ingredients work synergistically in a formula, which has not required any alteration, retaining modernity through time. Ecological Compound has become so renowned within the beauty world and achieved an ‘iconic’ status.

One Ecological Compound is sold worldwide by Sisley every minute.

A multi-vitamin formula that restores skin functions whilst supplying, in regulated amounts, the elements the skin needs to regain its natural balance. Containing Centella Asiatica, a powerful ingredient that stimulates the production of younger, healthier collagen, it helps to maintain a firmer complexion. Extracts of Horsetail, Gingseng and Rosemary help to stimulate cell regeneration as well as offering constant skin comfort.

Did you know – Centella Asiatica is called the tiger herb in India, where it grows, due to the fact that wounded tigers roll themselves in it for its healing properties

While external aggressions cause stress and can age the skin; Ecological Compound helps fortify the skin’s own defence system to protect it from these attacking factors. To maintain a youthful appearance, the cream offers the skin much needed hydration (32 percent increase after 30 minutes), radiance and vitality thanks to the combination of active plant extracts.

To be applied morning and/or night, Ecological Compound can either be used alone or under another treatment. The lightweight, non-greasy emulsion allows easy absorption into the skin, with a matt finish. A genuine regulating product, it helps the skin benefit from all other beauty care products.

Retails at R2 727 for 125ml at selected Edgars stores.

Consumer assistance Contact: Yasaar - 082 439 7210

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