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LonzaMemree is a high-quality, soy-based Phosphatidylserine (PS) produced by enzymatic reaction free from any solvents It is the only soy-based PS in the market that has five of its own clinical studies, and PS is the only ingredient that has an FDA qualified health claim for cognitive function. There are two product lines: MemreePS and MemreePlus.

MemreePS contains PS and supports cognitive function, while MemreePlus contains both PS as well as PA (Phosphatidic Acid) and supports stress reduction. MemreePlus is patent protected and proprietary to Lonza.

The new DHA product range is based on an improved proprietary algal strain, which contain advantages in stability and taste.

DHAid FNO-350 is a slightly turbid functional nutrition oil for all applications in which the oil does not have to be transparent. It contains 350mg DHA/1000mg.

DHAid CL-400 is a transparent oil for soft gels and food applications in which the oil is visible in the final product and contains 400mg DHA/1000mg.

DHAid Dry is a powder for applications in dry blends, containing 100mg DHA/1000mg powder.

DHAid DS-200 is a bulk soft, natural, purely vegetarian source of DHA in gel capsule form.

Lonza is represented locally by Inovia, a division of Hexachem.

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