Natural, organic & environmental

Inspired by nature

PCR SavannahWith the increasing demand for natural raw materials in cosmetics, the recent launch of sensiva PA 30 presents a sustainable choice for antimicrobial stabilisation composed of natural and nature-identical ingredients.

An essential challenge

Tamarind Nott of Rare Scent and Sophia Snyman of Desert Secrets - winners of the NEOi projectWith financial support from the MCA-Namibia Indigenous Natural Products Innovation Fund, the Natural Resources Institute and the University of Greenwich, the Namibian Essential Oil Innovation (NEOi) project initiated a unique competition to encourage locals to generate innovative cosmetics using Namibian myrrh Commiphora wildii essential oil.

Lauren Lamont wins Coschem Student Essay competition

Developing natural_and_organic_cosmetic_products_by_Lauren_LamontEach year, PHARMACEUTICAL & COSMETIC REVIEW judges essays written by Coschem Module 1 students, and presents an award to the winner. Lauren Lamont took the honours for 2012 with her paper entitled ‘Developing natural/organic cosmetic products - Balancing consumer expectations versus practical product development’. Download the 2012 winning paper here.

More rooibos benefits

rooibos has a strong antiviral activity against rotaviruses that cause serious infectionsSince a housewife first mooted rooibos as a cure for baby’s colic in the late ‘60s, scientists have found increasing evidence to back anecdotal claims about the plant’s health benefits.

IMCD Group wins Lean & Green Star Award

Guido Smit with the G&LS AwardIn 2011 IMCD Group was the first, and remains the only, distributor to be awarded the prestigious Lean & Green Award. One year later IMCD Group is among a select group of 16 companies, out of an eligible 250, that successfully reached the set goals in order to be awarded the Lean & Green Star award. The Lean & Green award is given exclusively to companies that commit themselves to significantly reducing their CO₂ emissions, submitting a satisfactory action plan that is subsequently assessed and approved. Additionally, the Lean & Green Star award is given to companies that could demonstrate their fulfilment of the above mentioned targets. After review of IMCD’s carbon footprint for 2010, 2011 and 2012, the Group proved to have reached the objectives.

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