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Sisley’s Ecological Compound achieves ‘icon’ status

Sisley Ecological CompoundSisley’s product formulas have withstood decades without aging one bit. This is why some of the products launched in Sisley’s early years are still among the brand’s best.

Symrise again certified as a “Green Company”

Symrise-green-companyDQS CFS GmbH, the German Association for Sustainability, has again certified Symrise as a “Green Company.” In explaining its decision, the association stated that the fragrance and flavoring manufacturer satisfied the international requirements of the Global Conformance Program to the utmost. Symrise is therefore allowed to use the “Green Company” label over the next three years.

South Africa’s green goldmine

A photograph of Professor Namrita Lall from University of Pretoria’s department of plant sciencesCombining phytochemistry with traditional knowledge, Professor Namrita Lall is pushing boundaries in locally developed, natural plant actives. She is based at the University of Pretoria’s department of plant sciences, at the faculty of natural science.

BASF spurs production of sustainable palm oil products

A map of the world showing the locations of BASF’s 20 RSPO-certified production sitesBASF is strengthening its operations network for certified palm products, which it manufactures at 20 locations around the world. These ingredients are used in the cosmetics, detergent and cleaning agent industries. This production network also includes the BASF factories in Gebze (Turkey) and Dahej (India), which have now received Supply Chain Certificates from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

New certified palm oil derivatives from Evonik

Sustainable-skin-care-cream-from-EvonikEvonik has expanded its range of cosmetics ingredients substantially and certified the new products according to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO - MB) standard. Customers in the cosmetics industry now have access to more than 50 certified palm oil-based raw materials, including several speciality ingredients.

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