New hero for hair from Schwarzkopf Professional

A pack shot of the 200mℓ BC Fibre Force Fortifying ShampooBeautiful hair has always been something to strive for, mostly with the help of intensive chemical lightening, lifting and colouring, perms, straightening, curling and blow-drying. But as much as transforming hair is popular, over-processed hair becomes weak and prone to breakage and until now, the only way to restore it was by cutting.

Schwarzkopf Professional presents a revolutionary new formula for strong, beautiful hair. This is its newly developed BC Fibre Force Bond Connector Service for strengthened hair that is 10 times more resistant to breakage*. The brand is so confident in this new hair care range, it has entered the BC Fibre Force Bond Connector Service into the 2017 Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review/Symrise New Product Competition.

Infused with patented** Bond Connector Technology, BC Fibre Force combats unmanageable and dull hair by offering advanced repair and strengthening. The service replaces broken bonds in the inner hair structure to rebuild resilient, beautiful hair with superior elasticity and a healthy look and feel. The BC Fibre Force In-Salon Bond Connector Service starts the strengthening process and, equipped with the BC Fibre Force home care kit, the client can maintain salon results at home.

A professional and home-based solution

The BC Fibre Force strengthening regime begins in the salon with an exclusive service using the following products:

The combined use of these hair heroes unlocks a powerful re-bonding system, which recreates the function of hair’s inner disulphide bonds, refilling and strengthening hair from within. They also work to fortify the hair surface with all-over laminating shield protection by sealing the cuticle and locking the active ingredients inside.

Dedicated use of the BC Fibre Force home care regime can revive over-processed hair and prolong salon results for up to 24 washes***, resulting in superior resistance to breakage*, natural softness, shine and elasticity. With BC Fibre Force, clients can have the hair they always dreamed of.

The home care kit at a glance

BC Fibre Force Fortifying 200mℓ Shampoo is gentle strengthening, sulphate-free shampoo, which delicately cleanses and restores weak, over-processed hair. Infused with Bond Connector Technology, this product rebuilds and refills the bonds inside the hair matrix and seals the cuticle.

BC Fibre Force Fortifying Primer Spray 200mℓ Conditioner is a leave-in conditioner that instantly revitalises hair on a daily basis. It strengthens hair fibres, seals the hair surface, provides heat protection when blow-drying and adds shine.

BC Fibre Force Fortifying 150mℓ Mask is a rich repairing mask for the weekly care of weak hair. It penetrates hair and replenishes the inner hair structure with keratin, strengthening it while adding shine.

BC Fibre Force Fortifying 150mℓ Sealer is an intensive strengthening leave-in milk, which works to create the bonds inside the inner hair matrix, strengthening hair fibres and sealing the cuticle.

Hair’s saviour is even strongerA pack shot of the BC Repair Rescue Nutri-Shield 28mℓ Serum

With the new BC Repair Rescue by Schwarzkopf Professional, you can turn back the clock on damaged hair. The damaging effects of styling like too much heat, frequent colouring, and straightening or perming can now be forgiven with the new BC Repair Rescue by Schwarzkopf Professional. The product repairs hair from within at a cellular level using all-new Reversilane and Cell Perfector technology.

The latest launch in the BC Repair Rescue range is the new hair saviour Nutri-Shield Serum. It intensifies the effects of the other products and can be combined flawlessly with the rest of the hair care range. Stylists in Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons can now offer their customers targeted hair care that responds to their unique hair needs, for in-salon and at-home use.

The new Reversilane technology seals individual hair strands with anti-hair breakage protection, leaving hair looking instantly and visibly strengthened and repaired with renewed elasticity and shine.

BC Repair Rescue Nutri-Shield 28mℓ Serum is BC’s first dual-action serum, which replenishes the hair structure while protecting against UV rays and temperatures of up to 230°C. Whether used as a salon treatment at partner salons or as basic hair care regime at home, the result is wonderfully shiny, healthy looking hair.

This product won the first prize in the Glamour Gold Hair Awards (May 2017), category Best Heat Protector.

* Usage of Fibre Force Bond Connector Regime versus untreated hair

** Applied for patents

*** Up to 60 days when using BC Fibre Force In-Salon Service with BC Shampoo at home

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