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Unilever launches Shield MotionSense

A pack shot of Unilever’s Shield MotionSense Sure Dry aerosolShield, South Africa’s number one selling deodorant brand by Unilever has launched Shield MotionSense. This is said to be the world’s first anti-perspirant with unique microcapsules that are activated by movement. This breakthrough, patented technology delivers bursts of freshness as you move, leaving consumers feeling fresh and protected throughout the day.

Shield MotionSense brings the next generation in anti-perspirants to consumers as a result of its advanced motion-activated technology. This involves tiny microcapsules that ‘burst’ when activated by friction, releasing freshness when they need it most.

Dermalogica innovates with new skin care products

Charcoal-Rescue-MasqueProfessional skin care brand Dermalogica has launched two new products, which the press got to experience at its concept store in Rosebank Mall, as well as a new range of professional treatments. 

New Kroko hand care products

Kroko WartFix, FingerFix and SkinFilm productsKroko, the well-known manufacturer of foot care products, has just introduced an exciting range of hand care products. The range includes Kroko WartFix, Kroko FingerFix and Kroko SkinFilm.  

Babor celebrates its 60th anniversary with limited edition HY-ÖL range

The limited edition HY-ÖL range of products launched to mark Babor’s 60th anniversary

Since 1956, Babor has been conducting research to tailor solutions to meet consumers’ skin care needs. Compay MD, Michael Schummert, explains: ‘Babor is a luxury brand, which is more in demand than ever. It captures the hearts of the most discerning consumers, and originally was the bold vision of one scientist created in a kitchen in Cologne.’

Introducing the home grown Baby Therapy


The new Baby Therapy range of productsSouth Africa’s Baby Therapy is an exciting new range of products that are specifically formulated and dermatologically tested for use on delicate skin.

The range includes a barrier cream, talc powders, cream talc, baby lotion, baby oil, shampoo, body wash and petroleum jelly to protect baby’s most precious assets.

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