New to market

Natural remedy for cuts and bruises

Natural-remedy-for-cuts-and-bruisesBuchulife First Aid Gel, with its potent anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties, is a must have for South Africans heading out of the city into the great outdoors.

Nail design goes 3D

Nail-design-goes-3DKiss USA introduces Nail Wrap, a new way to create 3D jewelled nail art, without any fuss. No nail polish or remover is required and no drying time is necessary. 

Liquid metal on eyelids

Liquid-metal-on-eyelidsCatrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadow uses innovative texture effects with maximum pigmentation and intense colour-dispersion to make eyes shine instantly.

Macadamia oil for a healthy mane

Macadamia-oil-for-a-healthy-maneMacadamia natural oil healing spray is a light, oil alternative and is ideal for fine hair. It combines the oils of highly-nutritious nuts with other botanicals to provide hair rejuvenation.

Eco-friendly children’s hair paste

Eco-friendly-childrens-hair-pasteBubbalicious is a new hair shaping paste from eco.kid and forms part of the company’s extensive hair and skin care range.

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