New to market

Apple stem cells protect skin DNA

Apple-stem-cells-protect-skin-DNAA new offering from Skin Scripts, RegeniRx, uses luxurious formulation apple stem cells (Phytocelltech Malus Domestica) to combat chronological ageing and to preserve the youthful look and vitality of skin.

Kiehl’s partners with Alicia Keys and Keep A Child Alive on new fundraising initiative

Alicia Keys_and_Keep_a_Child_Alive_partnering_to_bring_treatment_care_and_support_to_children_and_families_affected_by_HIVKiehl’s to Donate 100% of proceeds of its Limited Edition Midnight Recovery Concentrate to Keep a Child Alive

Three-phase grain complex

The-Justine-Facial-Skin-Care-Fortigrain-rangeTri-Grain Fortiplex, a new range from Justine, is a three part complex of active ingredients that have been selected for their richly nourishing and moisturising qualities.

Helping maintain a healthy functioning prostate

ProstaVite supplement for healthy prostate functionNRF Health has developed a nutritional support supplement, NRF ProstaVite, which helps to maintain a healthy functioning prostate.  NRF ProstaVite is a well-balanced complementary supplement and taking just two tablets a day may help to prevent enlargement of the prostate and maintain its healthy function.  NRF Health products are all made from pure and certified raw materials which contain the optimal balanced quantities of ingredients.

Supplement for mothers-to-be

Natrx-Folic-Acid-Vitamin-B-supplementNatrx Folic Acid is an ideal supplement for pregnant women, providing 40mcg of folic acid.

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