New to market

Oral-B targets the root of the problem

Oral-B Pro-Expert_The brand has launched toothpaste that claims to be able to treat the cause of oral health care issues.

Luscious hues for lips

Luscious hues_for_lips_from_MUDMake-up Designory (MUD) has launched six new lipstick colours as part of its lip colour collection. Said to be emollient rich, the non-drying lipsticks are long lasting and available in two formulations – sheer and satin. Satin offers a matte opaque finish while the sheer formulation results in a semigloss finish on lips.

Deep-cleansing flower power

Deep cleansing_flower_power_by_KiehlsInspired by its iconic Calendula herbal toner, Kiehl’s has launched a gentle Calendula foaming face wash.

Even-toned radiance

Even toned_radiance_from_JustineJustine has introduced a new product which is said to be clinically proven to even out blemishes in just three days.

Home remedy for skin tags and warts

Wart-Freezer--Skin-tagsA new product, Skintags, is specially formulated to treat skin tags, which are small growths found on the neck, under the breasts or in the armpit. The solution removes these non-contagious but unattractive protuberances from the body, arms and legs. It should not be used on the face, where it can cause scarring.

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