Two new pre-workout supplements from Phyto Pro

Introducing two new additions to the Phyto Pro sports nutrition line-up, 3-in-1 Energiser and Nitro Blast.

Drawing on the medical knowledge that foregrounds every Phyto Pro product, the brand aims to help you achieve your fitness, nutritional and wellbeing goals through the use of clean, natural ingredients that are backed by science and promote performance and longevity. It’s an approach that has proved extremely successful, with the principle of ‘first do no harm’ present in every product created.

To this end and to further help users achieve their exercise goals, Phyto Pro has introduced two new exciting products that will help enhance your athletic performance.

Phyto Pro 3-in-1 Energiser – Mango-flavoured Pre-Workout Energising Powdered Drink

EnergiserRRP: R300.00 (300g tub)

Formulated to provide users with a triple whammy of benefits, the Phyto-Pro 3-in-1 Energiser boosts energy levels, tops up electrolyte levels and burns fat, all in one go. Designed to eradicate the need for three different products; the Phyto Pro 3-in-1 Energiser is an all-natural, plant-based formula that combines efficiency with the holistic approach to nutrition that Phyto Pro is known for. The 3-in-1 Energiser follows a simple formulation and contains whole-fruit powdered mango, extracts of rhodiola, green tea and green coffee bean, potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, malic acid and stevia. This simple, but effective formulation accelerates metabolic functioning, tastes great and assimilates rapidly into the body for immediate impact.

Phyto Pro Nitro Blast Strawberry-flavoured Nitric Oxide Boosting Powdered Drink with Shilajit

Nitro-BlastRRP: R360.00 (300g tub)

Nitro Blast offers users the chance to improve endurance through increased nitric oxide levels that help to increase blood flow and nutrient transportation to working muscles during training sessions. In turn, this allows for the duration of a training session to be extended and intensified – allowing you to perform for longer.

It incorporates Shilajit, an ancient Ayurvedic superfood that contains highly concentrated, bioavailable, antioxidants, minerals, other phytonutrients that boost energy, longevity and energy production.

Importantly, these are both clean nutritional sources, free from artificial colours, preservatives, flavours, fillers, sweeteners and any other fake food ingredients. Again proving that there’s no need to compromise your health and wellness to achieve your athletic goals when choosing Phyto Pro and living the healthy lifestyle you desire.

Stockists:, Selected Dis-Chem Stores.

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