Global personal care and cosmetics packaging markets expanding

The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies reports plastics is the most popular material for personal care packaging, but cartons are showing solid growth.A new market assessment report by the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI) predicts 5.5 per cent annual growth for the global personal care packaging market through 2019.

Another forecast by the UK-based research firm Visiongain has similar positive predictions for the global cosmetics packaging market. This segment will reportedly exhibit steady growth in the next decade.

According to PMMI, bottles account for 30 per cent of the personal care market and are expected to grow an additional 28 per cent through 2019. This will make them the most commonly used container format for personal care products. Cartons are, however, catching up and showing the greatest growth in the period 2010 to 2014 from nine to 19 per cent of the market.

Plastic is reportedly the most popular material for personal care packaging, accounting for 61 per cent of materials used. PMMI’s study projects the medium will remain dominant, growing 12 per cent by 2019. It reports consumers’ demand for convenience has led to a surge in smaller, more portable packages.

The major driving factors behind cosmetics packaging include the growing beauty-conscious population in emerging economies, where consumers have more disposable incomes. This is according to Visiongain, which predicts the skin care submarket will see the fastest growth in cosmetics packaging. This segment is driven by ongoing anti-ageing, male grooming and premiumisation trends.

In terms of materials, the company indicates plastics will see the strongest growth in cosmetics packaging in the next decade. This is thanks to the cost-effectiveness, good performance, reliable protection, colour versatility, flexibility and easy transportation and storage that plastics offer.

China will reportedly take the leading position in the cosmetics packaging market by 2025 and India will exhibit the most significant growth in the forecast period.

The organisation’s research corresponds with PMMI’s findings that increasingly busy lifestyles are requiring more convenient packaging, making packaging an increasing value-add to cosmetic products. Yet the packaging market for these products faces limitations in the form of weak economic conditions, which are blocking the growth potential of cosmetics in the near future. The increased emphasis on sustainable packaging is also a challenge specifically for luxury cosmetics brands.

‘Fast pace in the cosmetics market and intense competition can put significant pressure on packaging providers, and a key challenge for packaging manufacturers is to meet the increasingly complex packaging requirements from customers,’ reads a release by Visiongain. 

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