Personal care

Innovative polymers

Innovative-polymersDSM’s innovative range of hair care products includes polymers for conditioning and styling.

Tilamar styling polymers deliver extreme hold benefits in various spray applications. To combine hold with additional consumer needs such as natural feel or fast drying without stickiness, this product guarantees best opportunities for development of modern hairsprays.

Hairspray users worldwide are always looking for fast-drying products that can maintain a chosen style all day long. With Tilamar Fix A140, DSM has designed an innovative polymer that enables rapid drying in combination with low tack, despite a formulation’s increased water content.

Taming tresses

Taming-tressesThroughout the ages, hair has enabled great opportunity for self-expression. Regardless of hair type or colour, humans have strived to possess healthy, shiny, beautiful hair.

Around 2000BC, Egyptians used a mixture of citrus juice and water as ‘shampoo’. Conditioning was done with animal fats and plant oils. Babylonian men are said to have powdered their hair using gold dust in the 1500BC period. In the Middle Ages, European women reportedly used hair conditioners produced from a mixture of dead lizards boiled in hot olive oil.

Headline growth

The hair care segment is set to be the second biggest growth area in the beauty care segment.

Innovation remains the key to attracting and retaining consumers, so manufacturers need to stand out in an overcrowded market by meeting different consumer needs around the world.

What this means for formulators and developers is, the growth will particularly come from shampoos, conditioners and treatment products.

From the bottom of the sea, to the tip of the hair

From-the-bottom-of-the-sea-to-the-tip-of-the-hairSeaweed found at the very bottom of the sea has benefits for the care of ethnic and curly hair, and these are now being produced for protection and straightening purposes.

In the bays of the north east Brehat Archipelago, France, the sea winds blow with a particularly rough violence and the waves break ceaselessly in a cloud of sea spray.

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