The SA pharmaceutical manufacturing growth journey

Local pharmaceutical production is important for the South African economySouth Africa has many reasons to be proud of the achievements of its pharmaceutical industry – among these its world-class ARV manufacturing capabilities and leading pharmacy schools. Opportunities now exist for the industry to gain global prominence.

Liberian government receives approval for the use of experimental Ebola drug

PCR-Online-August-EbolaThe Liberian government has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the use of an experimental serum on two Liberian medical doctors who are fighting for their lives after contracting the deadly Ebola virus disease.

Sandoz joins forces with UN to combat a leading cause of child mortality worldwide

PCR-Online-August-SandozSandoz has made a long-term commitment to help prevent the deaths of millions of children worldwide by supplying a key antibiotic formulation, as part of the United Nation’s new Every Newborn Action Plan.

Conference elaborates on pharmaceutical industry's pain points


Connie Tloubatla, director of Bliss Pharmaceuticals, elaborated on the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing in emerging markets on day three of the PharmaCon conference.PharmaCon 2014 featured speakers from various sectors of the South African pharmaceutical industry, including the regulatory, manufacturing and patent sides of this business.

NAPM new Executive Council to intensify efforts to ensure generic medicine access

The NAPM comprises generics-based pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors and aims to improve access to affordable quality medicines

The National Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (NAPM) announced the appointment of its new Executive Council (EXCO), which has been tasked with strengthening the association’s strategic position within the pharmaceutical industry while representing the interests of its members and the broader public.

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