Novartis brings over US$149 million GDP benefits to SA

Vasant NarasimhanInternational pharmaceutical company Novartis, already heavily invested in science and healthcare development partnerships across the continent, contributes around US$150 million to South African GDP each year, the company’s new CEO has revealed.

GBMSA announces new chair

Lorraine Keyser GBMSAGenerics and Biosimilar Manufacturers of SA (GBMSA) announced the election of Lorraine Keyser as their new chair. Keyser is the first female to have been elected chair of the organisation since its inception 41 years ago.

Squeezing generic players on pricing could result in increased medicine shortages

Medicines-stock-imageWhile big pharmaceutical companies continue to stress the need to pay for innovation amid calls for the cost of originator products to be lowered, the generic industry is starting to find its own voice against increasing demands to drop prices that are already low.

Minister Davies launches R1 billion Aspen high containment facility

Minister Davies alongside Stephen Saad and Aspen’s capability manager, Branson Bosman at the Aspen facility launch in Port ElizabethThe Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Rob Davies launched Aspen’s high containment facility on 7 May in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. Apart from welcoming a new era in pharma manufacturing in South Africa, the plant will create an additional 240 jobs.

Put the ‘ex’ in Andolex and say goodbye to sore throats

Andolex-rangeThe Andolex range and products are known to provide relief for patients suffering from a sore throat, mouth or gums1. These patients may suffer from sore throats due to viral or bacterial infections, mouth ulcers, oral conditions such as gingivitis or periodontitis or for relief of post-surgical procedures such as a tonsillectomy 1.

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