Improve metabolic syndrome-linked conditions with Tocotrienol

Evnol-logoThe body of science supporting EVNol SupraBio in the management of metabolic syndrome is increasing and deserves attention. ExcelVite reveals some of the new findings on the proven protective effects of this tocotrienol complex.

Hyperlipidemia, hypertension, obesity and insulin resistance are a group of risk factors contributing to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. This group is now commonly referred to as metabolic syndrome.

It has been shown that controlling and maintaining healthy levels of blood glucose, blood pressure and lipid profiles reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases, especially in diabetic patients.

Apart from diet and lifestyle modifications, medical treatments available are related to those treating symptomatic diseases such as cholesterol lowering drugs, anti-hypertensive drugs, etc. Dietary supplements have been used in an attempt to ameliorate metabolic syndrome.

Vitamin E family explained

EVNol SupraBio is a patented and bio-enhanced natural, full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex that guarantees an average 250 percent enhancement in bioavailability of each individual tocotrienol isoform1. It is a second generation tocotrienol complex and an extension of EVNol palm tocotrienol extract from non-GMO Malaysian crude palm oil.

Tocotrienols are members of the vitamin E family. Similar to the tocopherols, tocotrienols consist of four parts: alpha; beta; gamma and delta isoforms.

Structurally, both tocotrienol and tocopherol possess a chromanol head attached to a carbon side chain. Tocotrienol has three double bonds in its side chain whereas tocopherol has a saturated tail. Many studies have suggested that this polyunsaturation contributes to the unique and more potent effects of tocotrienol – when compared to tocopherol – in many of the health aspects reviewed.

Results of a new study

The most recent findings are published in study conducted by Monash University, which shows that EVNol SupraBio has beneficial effects in improving several metabolic syndrome-related conditions after four weeks of supplementation.

Researchers at the university conducted the study on 21 rats randomised equally into three groups, named ‘control diet’, ‘high fat diet’ and ‘TRF’. The control diet group was given a low fat diet, while the high fat diet and TRF groups were given high fat diets for eight weeks to induce metabolic syndrome. Subsequently, the TRF group was supplemented for four weeks with 60mg/kg of a tocotrienol-rich fraction of palm oil (Tocovid SupraBio full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex, which contains ExcelVite’s EVNol SupraBio), delivered in a 10 percent glucose solution. The control and high fat diet groups were given just the 10 percent glucose solution for four weeks. At the end of the experiment, the rats underwent 12 hours’ fasting prior to euthanasia with carbon dioxide. Blood and tissue samples were collected, processed and analysed.

Researchers found that eight weeks of high fat diet induced full blown metabolic syndrome in the rats, including diabetes mellitus. The subsequent TRF supplementation for four weeks was able to:

• reverse hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and fatty liver
• inhibit protein glycation to reduce glycated haemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) and advanced glycation end products (AGE)2
• restore antioxidant capacity and reduce myeloperoxidase activities that may lead to oxidative stress.

On the other hand, the researchers did not observe significant results in relation to visceral fat deposit, glucose level, plasma triglycerides or peroxisome proliferator-activated alpha and gamma expression.

Based on these favourable findings, the researchers concluded that TRF may have potential for metabolic syndrome therapy especially on cardiovascular and liver health, and is therefore worth further investigation.

Good for great health

‘The study provides exciting results in addition to the potent antioxidant property of tocotrienol, which plays an important role in restoring antioxidant capacity and attenuating oxidative stress in metabolic syndrome condition. For the first time, it reveals the suppression of glycation by EVNol SupraBio bio-enhanced full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex, which may reduce glycated haemoglobin and AGE in the liver,’ says Bryan See, business development manager at ExcelVite.

The company is delighted with this new finding and research development in metabolic syndrome. ‘It mirrors the findings of our earlier human studies that show EVNol SupraBio bio-enhanced palm tocotrienol complex is beneficial for maintaining a healthy cholesterol level, supports healthy blood pressure and improves fatty liver, which collectively may reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome,’ he adds.

ExcelVite’s products, including EVNol SupraBio, are available throughout southern Africa from Enna Industrial Ingredients (Enna II).

Visit for more information on tocotrienols and their positive health benefits.


1. Ho, D et al. Drug delivery system: formulation for fat soluble drugs; US Patent No. 6,596,306.
2. Cheng HS, et al. (2017). The ameliorative effects of a tocotrienol-rich fraction on the AGE-RAGE axis and hypertension in high-fat-diet-fed rats with metabolic syndrome. Nutrients, 9(9). doi:10.3390/nu9090984

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