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Lucideon takes a look at human hair under the microscope

Measuring the_Chemical__Physical_Properties_of_Human_Hair_Surfaces_by_LucideonLucideon has published a white paper entitled Measuring the Chemical & Physical Properties of Human Hair Surfaces. This paper reveals how the surface characterisation of hair fibres delivers important insights into the performance of hair care products.

Coschem lecture delves into sensorial properties in skin care

Coschem’s lecture on 29 July discussed the sensorial properties of skin care products. Sensorial profiling of cosmetics was the topic of discussion at the basic refresher sensorial morning hosted by the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (Coschem) on 29 July 2015. Speakers included Dr Heidi Grimmer from Sense of Nambitha and John Knowlton, owner of Cosmetic Solutions.

South Africa carves its niche

Local pharmaceutical_production_is_important_for_the_South_African_economyOur country has many reasons to be proud of its pharmaceutical industry’s achievements – among these are its world-class ARV manufacturing capabilities and leading pharmacy schools.

Are male contraceptives set to become a reality?

Mintel male_contraceptives_1Over time, there have been countless scientific developments in contraceptives, with the latest seeing a new focus on male contraceptives. Consumer lifestyle analyst at Mintel, Jack Duckett, investigates the developments.

Topical drug delivery

The pharmaceutical industry somewhat reluctantly acknowledges that topical medicines have been formulated principally for drug delivery and stability (and quite rightly so) and that features such as texture, sensorial properties and patient experience have been largely ignored. However, patient experience, be it positive or negative, strongly influences compliance and this, the industry overtly acknowledges, is critical in ensuring that clinical efficacy is achieved.

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