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Meet the eco conscious consumer

An image of an adult’s and a child’s hands holding a green growing plant At least 64 percent of consumers across the world claim they try to have a positive impact on the environment on an everyday basis. This is according to Euromonitor’s white paper, Eco Warriors: Global Green Behaviour and Market Impact.

Fraunhofer IAP says ‘plant-based substance boosts eyelash growth’

A close-up shot of an eye with long eyelashes measured with a rulerA new serum that promotes eyelash growth has been developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP) in Potsdam-Golm, Germany. It is considerably less expensive than a conventional eyelash serum, and it is a well-tolerated purely natural product.

Gazing into the sensory kaleidoscope with Evonik

A map detailing the sensorial benefits of various emulsifiers from Evonik

Evonik’s personal care business line has developed a new interactive tool for formulating skin care products with specific sensory properties. The company’s sensory kaleidoscope sets out to bring visibility to the skin feel concept.

Simple and objective analysis with Stable Micro Systems

The front page of a white paper by Sable Micro Systems on using texture analysis in formulating and manufacturing hair care products Texture analysis plays an important role in designing the best possible hair care products. It’s also useful in assessing the suitability of proposed packaging materials. 

New anti-ageing data for Rooibos

A Rooibos bush in bloomThe South African wonder herb, Rooibos, is sure to turn the anti-ageing revolution on its head following a new round of research into its potential beyond that of its well-known antioxidant properties.

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