Safety & hygiene

Water wise hygiene solutions

Hand-sanistiserHygiene is everyone's problem, and not engaging it is certain to lead to significant health issues. But how do we tackle hygiene when water is scarce? Under level 6b restrictions, businesses in Cape Town need to show a saving of 45 percent on their water consumption compared to the same period last year.

Rockwell Automation offers a series of seven safety webinars

Rockwell Automation’s safety webinars run from 10 March 2016 to 14 September 2016Rockwell Automation is offering a series of safety webinars, which explore designing safety for seven specific types of machines.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility

The Department of Labour’s director of health and hygiene, Milly RuitersThe Department of Labour (DoL) is channelling efforts to promote workplace health and safety as well as injury and disease prevention, ultimately to ensure a better speciality chemicals sector in which to work.

Ecolab set to revolutionise transfer disinfection process

An operator disinfects with Klercide Sporicidal Alcohol from Ecolab Contamination ControlEcolab Contamination Control (Ecolab) has launched a unique product, which will revolutionise the process of transfer disinfection in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ecolab is a worldwide provider of leading products and services for the control of microbial contamination in cleanroom environments. Its Klercide Sporicidal Alcohol has all the positive features of an alcohol-based disinfectant, including a low surface tension, which improves product contact. It also has a ‘flash off’ time of just two minutes and minimal residues, which combined with sporicidal properties, significantly enhance its efficacy.

Smart sanitisation for liquid packaging

Thanks to the energy recovery system, users can achieve energy savings of up to 40 per cent in heating and 60 per cent in cooling during the sterilisation processA new patented energy recovery concept for hot water shower sterilisers enables pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging companies to achieve significant savings during the sterilisation process of liquids in 100 per cent sealed containers.

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