Skin care

New anti-pollution defense mechanism from Chemyunion

The marketing campaign for SkinBlitz which shows a woman with beautiful skin shielded from the damaging effects of pollutionToday the world faces the impact of pollution on skin health. More than 80 percent of the global population lives in urban areas with air-monitored pollution exceeding the threshold recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

New high-tech anti-pollution active from Greentech

Jean-Yves Berthon from Greentech, Claudie Willemin from L’Oréal Paris and the IFSCC, and David Stockenstrom from Natchem  Greentech, a pioneer in plant biotechnology, launched an active ingredient that effectively fights biological aggressors such as pollution and provides skin with long-lasting protection.

Helena Christensen named brand ambassador of Nimue

Model Helena Christensen, the new brand ambassador for NimueNimue, a leader in scientific skin care has appointed the internationally renowned super model, photographer and business woman, Helena Christensen, as brand ambassador for Nimue Skin Technology.

Ingredients to optimise skin health from Botanica

A raw materials factory located in Nigeria, West AfricaBotanica Natural Products (Botanica) is at the forefront of shifting changes in African skin care. The company is showcasing various natural plant extracts at in-cosmetics Global to meet brand owners needs as they move away from using of harsh chemicals in favour of more natural offerings. 

New clinical testing lab for Lipotec

The logo of LipotecLipotec has established a new clinical testing laboratory within its Barcelona facility located in Spain. The new 116m2 lab will serve as a point of reference for research in the advancement of active ingredients and will focus on in vivo assays, and completes the existing 196m2 in vitro facility.

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