Symrise develops smart, warming ingredient that’s gentle to skin

Thermolat-symriseThermolat creates a feeling like gentle warm sunshine on the skin. Symrise has developed the sensory ingredient for use in creams, gels and balms and it is readily available to cosmetic formulators. The innovative active complex stands out by providing pleasant, relaxing and long- lasting effects without feelings of stinging or burning.

71 percent of consumers would like to feel an intense warming sensation from their skin care applications. However, it is important that it neither causes redness nor stinging sensations. Based on thorough research, Symrise has developed a suitable approach. Its novel sensory ingredient Thermolat addresses the skin’s thermal perception and provides a gentle warming sensation.

In comparison to the warming effect achieved by existing vanillyl butyl ether (VBE) technologies, Thermolat provides a controlled warming sensation and helps to significantly reduce side effects such as redness, burning, stinging that might occur with VBE alone. With this innovation, Symrise adds a new facet to its portfolio of sensory ingredients (including the long-established cooling range Frescolat) and thus underlines its leadership in sensorial cosmetic ingredients.

The gentle warming sensation of Thermolat can also help to enhance the perceived efficacy of a personal care product. Being at the forefront of emotion measurement, Symrise has developed a test methodology to evaluate the sensation generated by the topical application of a cosmetic product. The results show that Thermolat has a positive impact on the mood balance upon application at one percent and can easily be associated with feelings of well-being and satisfaction.

Thermolat is liquid and odourless and starts working within five minutes after application to the skin. The warming sensation may last up to two hours.

‘Thanks to its safe and gentle effect, Thermolat can be used in a very wide range of care and beauty products and gives them the ability to create a cozy warm feeling,’ explains Caroline Baptiste, global product manager at Symrise.

Outstanding Innovation

The properties of Thermolat also convinced the jury of the BSB Innovation Prize Awards for cosmetics, natural products and their basic materials. They awarded Thermolat first prize in the category of ‘Cosmetics/Innovative Ingredients/Functionals and Recipients’ in London. Thermolat also won the PCHi innovation award 2017 in China as has been published earlier.

‘These awards encourage us to continue researching innovative products that benefit consumers,’ says Caroline Baptiste from Symrise. ‘And it once again confirms our expertise as a provider of sensory ingredients.’

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