Clariant reveals BeautyForward – Edition III at in-cosmetics

Formulations included in Clariant’s BeautyForward – Edition IIIClariant, a world leader in speciality chemicals, is focusing on trendy formulations, hot ingredients and new textures at in-cosmetics.

The company just launched BeautyForward – Edition III to inspire new beauty rituals, products and textures for personal care. Inspired by the values, life experiences and tattoos of French artist Dit Cheyenne, Clariant’s four new trend discoveries are reflected in inspirational formulations relevant to the specific skin and hair care needs of various consumer groups.

Blue gold

Water scarcity is giving rise to a new breed of young, sensible and environmentally conscious consumers whose value of water is changing how they shop. Water will soon start figuring less heavily in favourite cosmetics ingredients as companies design products that are neither formulated with water nor require its use.

Clariant responds with a water- and alcohol-free Dry Powder Shampoo to support this rapidly growing market. It refreshes hair, removes oil and boosts scalp health through ingredients that avoid build-up on hair, such as Pataùa Oil that cares for tired scalps, conditioning agent Coguar 113 and Octopirox to reduce dandruff.


Bettering the world is the new priority and a new wave of change-maker consumers expect the beauty industry to offer creative solutions to take this trend to a new level. These consumers want products that are natural, ethical and sustainable but also have excellent cleansing and caring benefits.

Clariant’s Good Stuff Hair Mask features a delicious blend of Community Trade ingredients including babassu butter and pequi oil ethically sourced from Brazil. The silicone-free, once-a-week treatment contains the 100 percent natural based hair conditioner agent, Genadvance Hydra, and leaves hair intensely nourished from root to tip.

Guardian Angel

Ordinary people, like young mothers, are looking for protection, balance and an easy solution to protect the people they love from environmental threats and the changing climate. More beauty companies are responding with products that offer complete protection.

Clariant introduces a light Multi Defense Lotion SPF 15 to help protect against UV rays, air pollution, and mosquitos for beautiful, healthy-looking skin. The three-in-one ultra fine formulation uses DEET to repel insects for two hours after application. The lotion is a key player in new anti-ageing solutions, featuring Eclipsogen UV filters as part of a comprehensive sun damage defence system, and RedSnow and Eosidin for protection against outdoor and indoor pollution.

Redefining Eden

Gender lines are blurring with greater interest in gender-neutral beauty products. As male beauty regimens become more complex, traditionally ‘female’ products like concealers, foundations, bronzers and BB creams are becoming male grooming essentials.

For these consumers, Clariant’s Neutral Facial Cleanser features a mild surfactant chassis for sensitive skin centered on the caring foam of GlucoTain liquiflex, and a no-rinse formula that leaves skin cleansed and hydrated. Applied with a wipe or a towel, it is a stand out non-sticky, non-oily and non-drying formulation with the extreme skin soothing benefits of MultiEx BSASM.

Nicolas Lasbistes, Clariant Personal Care, global marketing manager, comments: ‘Through BeautyForward, Clariant helps customers to be one step ahead in their development activities. The trend guide embraces what matters most to consumers and provides exciting and innovative formulations to help formulators respond, including natural ingredients. It’s setting a new standard in the personal care industry and we are excited to be unveiling our third edition.’

More details on the trends and the full selection of sample formulations are available at

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