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New skin study highlights collagen peptide efficacy

The results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial on collagen density in skin subsequent to Peptan intake, are detailed in a graph.

The first comprehensive scientific publication of research into the anti-ageing benefits of Peptan collagen peptides has just been released. Appearing first in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, this paper takes to the next level the science behind collagen peptides used as a supplement for skin beauty. It reveals strong clinical evidence to prove Peptan’s ability to restructure the collagen network in deep skin layers. This represents a true breakthrough in skin anti-ageing science. The newly published data also presents the statistically significant effect of Peptan collagen peptides on skin hydration, explained by the stimulation of hyaluronic acid production.

DSM reveals new sun protection research data

Revisiting human skin, sunscreen films and protection performanceA leading player in sun care, DSM Personal Care is sharing its new research findings on the sunscreen application process. The research was undertaken by Dr Juergen Vollhardt, head of claims and scientific substantiation at the company, assisted by Michiel Baltussen, Filip Oosterlinck and Christine Mendrok-Edinger.

Dr Gobac receives EU certification

Products such as Dr Gobac Exfoliating Masque have complied the EU regulations.After months of careful examination and testing, Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals is one of the first South African brands to obtain EU compliance in line with the latest legislation.

The botanical building blocks

The-demand-for-natural-skin-care-products-is-increasing-worldwideWhile radiance, hydration, skin firming, brightening, colour correction and wrinkle reduction are driving product trends, naturally positioned offerings are increasing in terms of consumer demand.

Achieve a better skin feel with sun screens


SymriseSymrise has launched SymTio S, a novel sunscreen ingredient, at in-cosmetics 2014. According to the company, it significantly reduces the potential for the white film effect on skin if used in sun care products.

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