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Helena Christensen named brand ambassador of Nimue

Model Helena Christensen, the new brand ambassador for NimueNimue, a leader in scientific skin care has appointed the internationally renowned super model, photographer and business woman, Helena Christensen, as brand ambassador for Nimue Skin Technology.

New clinical testing lab for Lipotec

The logo of LipotecLipotec has established a new clinical testing laboratory within its Barcelona facility located in Spain. The new 116m2 lab will serve as a point of reference for research in the advancement of active ingredients and will focus on in vivo assays, and completes the existing 196m2 in vitro facility.

SA dermatologist awarded L’Oréal research grant

Dr Willem Visser wins the L’Oréal African Hair & Skin research grantDr Willem Visser, Head of Dermatology, Stellenbosch University has been awarded the L’Oréal African Hair & Skin research grant for his research on Acne keloidalis nuchae (AKN). The award is open to all dermatologists and African PhD students specialising in the science of skin and hair.

Ashland innovates with anti-pollution technology

An image of a lady running in traffic to demonstrate Ashland’s anti-pollution marketing campaignA growing global trend toward urban lifestyles and city living is leading to increasing concerns about the effects of atmospheric pollution on skin. According to Ashland, which is represented in South Africa by IMCD, pollutants may adhere to the skin and the particulate matter may penetrate to induce skin sensitivity. In turn, this may accelerate the visible signs of ageing with collagen breakdown, discoloration, and skin’s barrier being compromised. expands product offering

A screen shot of the Face2Face skin consultation application on the website With over 240 products available at, a new online shop selling high-quality skin care products, consumers can find a product to suit their exact needs without moving from the comfort of their home or office. That is considering their busy lifestyles don’t leave consumers much time to shop for the best skin care products or to consult with experts on their skin care needs.

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