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Canadean says baby boomers are boosting the beauty market

A picture of a good-looking man who is mindful about his imageAlthough image-consciousness is a trait traditionally associated with women and young adults, men and older generations are becoming more susceptible to its influence, as their desire to impress peers and colleagues is growing. This is according to consumer insight firm, Canadean.

Nielsen: ‘house brands no longer the poorer cousin’

No-name brand cosmeticsThe days of in-house retail brands being treated with a fair amount of disdain by South African consumers have come to an end. This is according to a new report by Nielsen entitled State of Private Label in South Africa, which reveals that this segment now accounts for R38.4-billion of consumer spend at hypermarket/supermarket tills, or R10 out of every R50 spent. In addition, 63 percent of South Africans now feel that private label (PL) quality is ‘as good as that of established name brands’.

Holographic packaging by API

Holographic packaging is a highly visual packaging solutionAPI is leading the way in the creative development of holographic and other highly visual packaging solutions. This was announced at the launch of its custom decorative holography service - Holonique Boutique and its new Trends Yearbook at Luxe Pack Monaco this September.

Tracking fragrance trends with Payan Bertrand

A variety of fine fragrances packaged in glass bottles IMAGE Scent is integral to brand DNA. This is according to Marie-Eugénie Bouge, marketing and communication director of Payan Bertrand – a fragrances and flavours manufacturer based in France and represented in South Africa by Natchem.

Canadean reveals new trends in baby beauty products

Toddler in a bath tub with bubblesAdults have long been expected to maintain certain grooming standards, particularly as social media and the selfie culture continues to reign. However, the emerging ‘baby beauty’ trend, targeting parents of children aged four years and under, is a recent phenomenon in the industry. This is according to consumer insight firm, Canadean.

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