Euromonitor’s top 10 global consumer trends for 2018

The front cover of Euromonitor International’s 2018 consumer trends white paperEuromonitor International says several emerging forces will shape consumer behaviour this year. Consumers will continue to question their values, priorities and purchasing decisions, prioritising brands and issues that matter to them. These shifting consumer expectations, from mindfulness to augmented reality, can be major disruptors for businesses.

The global research and analyst agency says augmented reality is expected to go mainstream in 2018, enabling the merging of digital and reality. Technological advances are also giving consumers the opportunity to find out more about themselves and their origins, as DNA testing comes to the home.

Euromonitor’s top 10 trends for 2018 are:

Clean Lifers – Clean living is a major reality and are minimalist lifestyles. With their strong beliefs and ideals, Clean Lifers will be saying no to many things this year, such as animal-based products, alcohol and uninformed spending. These consumers like to share through experiences and refrain from the need to impress through ownership.

The Borrowers – These community-minded sharers, renters and subscribers are reshaping the economy. The borrowers movement not only impacts millennials but also older generations like the Baby Boomers, which are reportedly looking to downsize and simplify their lives. Technology is a major driver of this trend with these consumers constantly seeking new ways to borrow and lend from one another.

Callout Culture – Consumers are having their say on social media by airing grievances on Twitter, sharing viral messages or signing e-petitions. The rise of the activist consumer is driving brands to change their marketing messages and creating a new visibility of social movements like the #MeToo campaign.

It’s in the DNA - I’m so Special – Curiosity in personalised health and beauty and genetics are fuelling demand for home DNA kits. Whether they are concerned about their family history or seeking hard core genetic-specific tailored fitness programmes and diets, these consumers are driving new developments in the global genetics market.

Adaptive Entrepreneurs – Everyone wants flexibility in their lifestyles and many consumers continue to reject traditional working patters. Euromonitor says this is directly linked to a change in consumers’ values that are shifting from solely focusing on financial gain to desiring personalised and memorable experiences and customised lifestyles.

View in my Roomers – These consumers are merging digital images with physical space in line with their need to visualise products before they try or buy, both in-store and online. With increased shopper preferences and apps that allow consumers to try cosmetics before they buy with selfie-style formats, global internet sales are set to sour this year.

Sleuthy Shoppers – Ongoing political crises are threating consumer trust. As a result, Sleuthy Shoppers are growing in numbers and are sceptical of mass-produced products. Traceability, sustainable sourcing, greener production and a transparent supply chain matters to these consumers as they seek to investigate and understand the full history behind product development. 

I-Designers – Consumer groups are re-evaluating their spending habits, shifting their desire of ownership to one where experiences matter more than possessions. They are also integrating themselves in the brands’ production processes with custom designs and personalised products rising in popularity.

Co-Living – This trend is all about sharing mutual facilities to save money and inspire collaborative ideas or provide comfortable, more acceptable living conditions. Shared workspaces continue to pop up everywhere and developers are looking to introduce modular apartments to meet the needs of these consumers.

The Survivors – Brought on 10 years ago by the credit crunch,  consumers’ frugal mindset remains entrenched. The gap between the rich and poor is visible worldwide and more and more consumers are find themselves struggling to cope. To help those in need, foodbanks are popping up everywhere and resale shops, grocery discounters and value-based retailers are flourishing.

To find out more about these trends and how to respond to them, download Euromonitor International’s white paper, Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2018.

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